How it works
1. Please go to and login using user ID and password. If you are a new user, click the registration button and EDUMATH will guide you how to register.
2. As soon as you login EDUMATH will guide you to the last and next topics based on your current progress and standard curriculum.
3. When you are ready to practice, just click on the last or next topic button of your choice. EDUMATH generates a practice worksheet for you instantly.
4. You can also practice other topics of your choice. Click on the curriculum menu and select grade of your choice. The subject area listed for you according to the standard curriculum. Simply click on a subject in the list to view the topics related to that subject. When you are ready to practice, simply click on the topic of your choice. EDUMATH instantly generates a worksheet for you.
5. Once your worksheet is created, read each question and answer the multiple choice question to the best of your ability. Click onto the radio button to answer the question. Click on the O.K button to move forward through the worksheet. It automatically checks the answer and marks O or X on the answer panel located at the right side of the screen.
6. Once you start a worksheet session, you must complete all questions of the worksheet. Your progress including your score, time and current topic name will be recorded in the database after finishing all the questions.
7. After finishing them, click on the question number on the answer panel to move through the worksheet to review and correct your answer. If you choose a wrong answer again, EDUMATH will show you the ˇ°answer buttonˇ±. Click on the answer button to get the right answer.
8. Timer on the left top corner of the worksheet page tracts the time you spend on the worksheet. Click on the pause button to pause the timer. It automatically hides your worksheet from your screen.
9. If you want to keep working on another worksheet session, click on the previous, current, or next button at the bottom of the page to practice another worksheet of your choice. Kids sometimes need to practice the same topics several times.