How it works
1. Please go to and select the "teachers" button. Type user email and password. If you are a new user, click the registration button and EDUMATH will guide you how to register.
2. As soon as you login EDUMATH will guide you the teachers' place. This is where you will create your virtual classes for your students.
3. Click on the ¡°Virtual class¡± for setting up a new class and or listing current classes. You may define a new class by entering the class name and password. Or you may change the password of an existing class by entering the name of class and the new password. You must assign a class name and password that can be used by any member of this class to access a restricted quiz.
4. Go to the students area by clicking on the "virtual students¡± menu. You can add, delete or modify the students for each virtual class. Assign your students to the class. First, select class and then click on the check box of each student to assign each student to the selected class.
5. Go to the quiz area to make and assign quiz. Worksheet maker allows you to create a customized math worksheet for your students in a minute. First, select the types of worksheets you want to create. To view a sample of each type of worksheet, click on the sample button. Once you¡¯ve decided which type of worksheet you¡¯d like to build, click on the title. You¡¯ll see specific instructions to guide you through the process. Each worksheet in worksheet maker contains unique instruction to help you fill out each part of the worksheet form.
6. Assign your created worksheets in your own ¡°Virtual class¡± account.
7. You can print these worksheets. Just click on the print menu of your web browser.
8. The score menu is where you will find the quiz results of your enrolled students. The "Score by class" page shows the list of all of your classes and the reports of the students assigned to them. Find the class in which you are interested, and click a class to see the scores of students currently associated to that class. The reports can itemize the quiz by student and quiz in the "score by student" and "score by quiz" area, respectively.
9. For virtual students to access their virtual class, go to the login page and select the "virtual class students". Type class number, class password, and student last & first name and click the "login" button. Click on the untaken quizzes link to start quiz. Click log out when you are finished with everything.